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Are you troubled by the appearance of spider veins on your legs? If so, AscleraⓇ spider vein removal treatments can help. They’re among the services available from IMAC Med Spa in Newhall, California. Learn more about how you can eliminate unsightly spider veins during a personalized consultation, which you can book online or over the phone today.

Spider Vein Removal Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are damaged veins that can be seen through the surface of your skin. Often found on the legs, spider veins can also develop on your face or other areas of your body. 

While spider veins are not usually a cause for concern, many people find them unsightly and feel uncomfortable showing their skin. People who are overweight or who sit or stand for long periods of time are at risk of spider veins, and the condition is more common in women over the age of 40. 

Spider veins develop when the tiny valves within a vein stop working properly. These valves keep blood moving in the right direction, but when they are damaged, blood can pool up in that portion of the vein. 

This causes the veins to burst or bulge, and they can become visible as red, purple, or blue lines on your legs. 

What are the options for spider vein removal?

In decades past, compression therapy was the primary option for treating spider veins. This approach used tight compression stockings or socks to support the skin and prevent additional vein damage. 

Today, a treatment called sclerotherapy is a great option for eliminating spider veins. IMAC Med Spa is proud to offer Asclera, a prescription medication available only to health professionals for treating spider veins in the legs. 

Asclera is an injectable medication, and when injected into a damaged vein, it acts to seal the vein shut. Your body then processes the damaged tissue and eliminates it through your lymphatic system, leaving your skin free from visible veins. 

What should I expect during Asclera spider vein removal sessions?

Having Asclera spider vein removal is a simple and straightforward treatment. When you arrive for your visit, your practitioner cleans the area with an antiseptic solution. 

A fine needle is used to inject Asclera into the damaged vein or veins. You may feel a slight stinging sensation at this point, but there is no significant pain or discomfort. 

Treatments only take 15-45 minutes, depending on how many spider veins are being treated. You’ll wear compression stockings for a few days after your treatment to help the healing process move forward. 

It’s important to avoid sun exposure, long flights, heavy exercise, or submersion in hot water for a few days after your appointment. Otherwise, you can resume normal daily activities, and your spider veins will slowly fade away over a period of weeks.  

If you’re ready to learn more, book a personalized consultation online. You are also welcome to call or stop by the office to speak with a friendly member of the administrative staff.