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Would you love a refreshed, renewed facial appearance but aren’t ready for plastic surgery? If so, PDO threads offer a solution. This advanced treatment can deliver exceptional results without the recovery time and risks of plastic surgery and is available through IMAC Med Spa in Newhall, California. For more information, call the office today to book a consultation, or schedule online in just moments.

PDO Threads Q & A

What is a PDO thread lift?

A polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift is a medical aesthetic procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to lift and tighten your skin. It is far less invasive than plastic surgery yet delivers outstanding results that are also lasting. 

Many people choose a PDO thread lift over a full or mini facelift due to concerns over the risks associated with plastic surgery. Others want to achieve results without the need for weeks of recovery time and months of waiting for the healing process to be fully complete. 

A PDO thread lift also offers the chance to improve facial contouring in a subtle way. Your friends and family will notice that you appear refreshed and more youthful, but you won’t have an overly stretched or “done” appearance.

How do PDO thread lifts work?

PDO threads have been in use in medical applications since the 1980s. They are created from a colorless polyester material that your body can slowly dissolve and eliminate. 

The threads come in different types, including smooth threads, barbed threads, and threads made of two intertwined sections. Each option delivers a slightly different effect on your skin, and your practitioner will select the type of thread best suited for your needs. 

A PDO thread lift works by using these sutures to lift the inner layers of your skin to correct sagging or wrinkling. PDO thread lifts can improve facial contouring, including your:

  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Neck
  • Jaw

The threads are drawn into a thin tube called a cannula, and then a needle places the cannula in the treatment area. The practitioner then anchors the suture thread into place and removes the cannula, cutting any excess thread and bandaging the area. 

Incorporating other advanced treatments like dermal fillers or IPL can further enhance your results from a PDO thread lift. 

What is the recovery process after a PDO thread lift?

Recovering from a PDO thread lift is far less complicated than plastic surgery recovery. A degree of swelling and bruising is normal in the first 24-48 hours, but you can resume normal daily activities immediately after your appointment. 

Take care to avoid rubbing your face for a week or two after your threads are placed. You should also postpone heavy exercise or using a steam room or sauna as your body adjusts to the threads. 

If you’re curious about what PDO threads can do for you, call the office today to schedule a visit or spend a few moments on the online booking page.