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IMAC Med Spa Features The Newest Health And Beauty Treatment, Morphius8

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IMAC Med Spa is the premiere aesthetic Med Spa in Santa Clarita. With a variety of exceptional services, IMAC Med Spa combines health and beauty using industry’s best technology and the latest process and procedures.

IMAC Med Spa features a variety of services including Morphius8, wrinkle treatments, laser hair removal. chemical peels, facials, IPO photo facials, dermal fillers, IV and vitamin therapy, micro needling, tattoo removal, and teeth whitening. IMAC Med Spa is Santa Clarita’s preferred full-service Med Spa.

Owner Christian Castillo believes that the key to better healthcare is helping patients and doctors develop good relationships, which is why her staff aims to make that first appointment as quick and painless as possible. When patients and doctors spend more of their visit face to face, patients see better care. 

One of the premiere and newest services at IMAC Med Spa is Morphius8. As we age, our skin changes, and collagen and elastin production slow down. These proteins are essential for creating the smooth, supple skin we associate with youth. This slowdown in combination with a loss of tissue volume and muscle weakness can lead to sagging skin. However, thanks to new advancements in technology, there are ways to combat these signs of aging.

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The IMAC Med Spa team utilizes the Morpheus8 system to offer patients throughout the Santa Clarita Valley skin-tightening treatments that are safe, effective, and non-surgical. The Morpheus8 derma pen uses the principles of both micro needling with radiofrequency treatments to trigger collagen and elastin production. The micro needling creates small channels in the treated area that allows the radiofrequency waves to penetrate deeper, stimulating growth. From tackling the appearance of jowls and wrinkles to battling crepey undereye skin and sagging neckline, we utilize this innovative technology to help rejuvenate skin—leaving you with a youthful glow in as little as a single treatment. 

In addition to addressing wrinkles and sagging skin, the Morpheus8 derma pen is an FDA-approved device for subdermal adipose remodeling—meaning that fat stored in delicate areas such as under the chin can be reduced. Additionally, this system has been shown to reduce the appearance of discoloration and scaring for the ultimate resurfacing treatment. 

For a completely different kind of Med Spa experience, send a message to the friendly, professionals at IMAC Med Spa by clicking here, or call (661) 533-4488.

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