A Photo Facial is an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment that effectively treats the skin to remove brown spots and sun damage from your face, chest, arms,
back and hands. The laser emits a light which heats up and blasts away the pigment in the skin. Uneven skin tone and early signs of aging can be improved
in as little as 1-2 treatments, leaving your skin with that youthful glow.


Throw out your razors, say goodbye to waxing and experience the liberation that comes along with never having to shave again! With Laser Hair Removal, you
can always be ready to hit the beach or be ready for that last minute event you want to attend. The process involves the use of a concentrated light beam that is
placed over the skin in a targeted area which safely causes the hair follicles to stop. This treatment can be used in a variety of areas which include, legs, arms,
face, bikini area, underarms, chest and back.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tired of that tattoo lingering on your shoulder? Say no more! Lasers have become an efficient method of tattoo removal. The laser targets an area of the
skin and safely administers bursts of intense light which results in the breakdown of unwanted pigment in the skin. Once the pigment is broken down, it is safely
eliminated through natural occurring processes in your body. Multiple sessions are recommended to completely remove the tattoo.

How long do I have to wait between treatments?2019-11-21T20:26:04+00:00

We have found that it is best to wait 6-8 weeks between treatment for optimal results. While a treatment may appear to have healed 2-3 weeks after, there are still cellular changes occurring which causes the tattoo to gradually lighten beyond that time.

What is the healing process like?2019-11-21T20:25:07+00:00

Some patients experience local swelling, pinpoint bleeding and sometimes small blisters. These are all normal reactions and typically go away within a few days. Some patients report scabbing. We ask that you keep a greasy ointment (like Bacitracin or Aquaphor) on the treated area for 1-2 weeks after treatment.

Does it hurt?2019-11-21T20:24:40+00:00

It is fairly uncomfortable, though we can use topical numbing cream to help with the pain. Relative to getting an actual tattoo, patients report feeling a similar level of pain but with a heat element that makes it different.


Our vascular treatments are an effective way to eliminate unwanted blood vessels and spider veins from the face and body. Typical areas that can be
treated are around the nose, the cheeks, legs and around the ankles. Normally, these veins develop due to sun exposure, genetics and lifestyle. Broken
capillaries in the face can make you appear older than you really are. Evening our your skin tone be removing red and purple veins will refresh your face
leaving you with clearer and brighter skin.



Microneedling works by creating micro-channels in the skin that jumpstarts the skin’s healing function. This increases collagen levels, amplifies
regeneration of new skin cells for a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. The term “microneedling” is derived from the tiny needles
that are delivered via a small, pen-like or roller device that is smoothly run across the surface of the skin in the treatment area.
Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is the plasma contained within the blood that is rich in growth factors that stimulate cell renewal to regenerate the
treatment area and reverse the aging process in some respects. Once the plasma is prepared, it can be applied topically to the skin. The
microneedling step in the procedure delivers the platelets deep into the dermal structure where they can provide the most significant benefit.
While either of these treatments offers positive results alone, when they are combined, the outcome is even more dramatic and long-lasting.



Intravenous or IV therapy is a great option for all individuals looking to optimize their health. Treatment times are typically 30 minutes to 1 hour.



Feeling a little under the weather? Give your body a helping hand it needs to fight off ailments such as common colds, seasonal allergies, and the flu.
This treatment will restore hydration, help with allergy relief, decrease overall inflammation and relieve pain and nausea. It is also an excellent
way to cure that unwanted hangover!



Glutathione is a powerful naturally occurring antioxidant that our body uses to combat free radicals. Optimum levels of glutathione ensure the proper function of cells and increase immune function.